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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Xbox 360 is HERE!

: ; ;

Ok, my faithful readers out there may remember me posting about how I won an Xbox 360 a while back. Well, it's here (proceeded by the promised "Party in a Box" that was only useful for the t-shirts and the free 12 packs of Dew)! I'm thrilled with it so far. Set up is flawless (except the Live! servers seem to be getting slamed, so I can't log in), and execution is exceptional to say the least. It came with Kameo and I'll be recieveing the game I picked when I entered the contest (Need for Speed) next week. I got the "real" pack, that is, not the "Core Xbox 360" but the "Xbox 360". Headset, Hard Drive, Wireless controller, the works. Even a remote! :D

Pics will be up soon - PROMISE!!! I have 'em, I just gotta upload them.

Ok, you can find my 360 pics right here.

360 1

However, there is a bit of bad news. I seem to have used up all of my bandwitdh this month with Flickr, so there's only 6 photos. But still, they're some of the best!

Also, I have a movie I'm hosting with Google Video! Check it out right here. It's not the best quality, but it's ok for a camera. It's just the thing starting up, but it impresses me.

***Update to a previous post***
I've upped A LOT more pics of Matt-i-chew, so please head on over to my Flickr Photostream and check them out! OVER 100!!! YAY!
***End Update***

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