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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Live Opera, Guild Wars, TwiT, and Fire Fox!

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Ok, I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated. But to make it up to you, I’ve got a slew of stuff!

First off, I don't know if you're too familiar with the internet browser Opera, but I've found a neat little trick with it. First, you have to download the full version of Opera. Then, go to this great site and just follow the directions. For your convenience, I've compiled a pre-made version. Yeah, I know, tripod sucks, but they're the easiest solution. If any of you out there wanna offer free web hosting, feel free. :D

Next up we have a bit about Guild Wars, the super fun, super free of subscription MMORPG. I have played a few MMORPGs in the past (and even one MMORTS), and I think I have a fair idea what makes for a good one. This game, while being VERY VERY instance based (an instance, in MMO terms, is a little slice of world created just for you and your party) feels to me like a traditional MMORPG. Yes, it is very PvP, but that's not a bad thing. Heck, it proclaims itself as such right in the title. And the price is right (did I mention it's a free subscription after you buy the game enough times yet? :D) too! If you've any access to it, and wanna give it a go, my main character on it is Fate Albannon, a Warrior Ranger.

Next up is a bit on Podcasting. I've been listening to them hot & heavy for a while, on the way to work (a good half hour drive). One of my favorites is a little title known as TwiT, or This week in Tech. They also do a vidcast of the show over at There's a bunch of neat stuff over there, like Systm, The Broken, and Diggnation (speaking of which, go check out, it's pretty sweet). It's real good listening, with lots of tech, and lots of laughs.

Last up for today, I'm now a Fire Fox man. With extensions (I love the Gmail Notifier one, and the Chipmark book marking one is SO convenient) and the open sourceness of it, I'm just thrilled. I'll still use my trusted Opera from time to time, but I'm SO happy with Fire Fox right now.

And so, my faithful readers (all three of you :D), adu 'till next time. I'm TRYING to be more consistent about updates.

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