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Sunday, May 22, 2005

My weekend with my Sweets.


Hmm.. What a wonderful weekend I'm just getting off of. I spent the night with my Darling on Friday. What a nice night. Except that her friends are bitches (it's a long story, but I cheered her up with a trip to Hitch Hikers Guide). But yeah, so we spent the night. And then, on saturday I took her out to a wonderful Prom Dinner (we decided to skip prom, and just do a fancy dinner with her and a friend and myself and her friends boyfriend) at the Windam Hill Inn. It's a really great place, to be honest. And then we went back to her friends house, and they let us take a room for the night. *sigh*. It was the most romantic weekend of my life. Then this morning we just lay in bed for a few hours.

Then reality hit, and we had to rush out. I helped her with her recital (getting programs ready, printing out stuff, folding, ect.), and she was REALLY thankful. She left the most heartbreakingly sweet message on my cell after we parted (she didn't want me to go because it would break her heart if her family hurt me. And honestly, they're so immature that they might. I'm not worried, but that doesn't stop her worrys).

I love her. We spoke tonight, and I hope to see her tomorow. Damn, I'm lucky.

She told me that it was the best weekend of her life. THAT was worth ALL the money.

Well, that's basicly all. Good night, every one.

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