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Saturday, May 14, 2005

New to the Internet? Fear not! (Part 2)

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In my last segment on this subject, I disscussed the use of the venerable Firewall. If a Firewall is the gate and gate keeper to your kingdom, then Anti-Virus Software is the guards who patrol your town and catch any riff-raff that get by the gate.

Now, some out there will be saying "I don't need Anti-Virus software! I don't download dangerous files!!!". Hogwash. Just going online can open you up to the Blaster Worm. I still to this day am not sure how I got it, but I do know it took me a litte while to figure out why my computer kept restarting. :D A good virus scanner will take care of that for you, likely before it becomes a problem.

Now, to know about virus scanners, you have to know a thing or two about viruses. A virus is in many cases a misnomer. You see, when most users (and software companies) speak of a virus, they are in fact refering to a large family of computer software, generaly written with malicious intent. This greater family is called Malware. So go on, read a bit about the history of viruses and malware in general, then come on back for my recomendation on what to do about it.

Back with me? Good. The best way to avoid the perils accociated with viruses is to have a protection plan in place. Personaly, I like AVG Anti-Virus. They're simple, effecient (mostly), and most inportant, they're FREE!!! Yep. They offer a paid version, but you can get them free for personal use. So, for your Anti-Virus needs, I give them a big thumbs up. Another choice I've heard good things about is NOD32. I can't vouch for them like I can for AVG, though.

At any rate, tune in next time when I go over the next essential to safe surfin': GET RID OF INTERNET EXPLORER!!! :D

'Till then, adu, fair readers.

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