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Thursday, June 09, 2005

I haven't forgotten about you! REALLY!

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I know it seems bad, but I REALLY haven't forgotten! I've just been SUPER DUPPER BUSY! Like, 12 hour days at my new job as assistant manager at Dunkin Donuts. I know, I know, I REALLY liked the waiter job (I tried it for 4 days at night). But I have to think of my family. There was just NO money in it. NONE. The business was flat, you know?

But in addition to my promotion (I've only been there five months and already the've moved me up to the second highest position at the store. Sheash. And it's their biggest one out of six or eight owned by the owner, Teo Salamie), I've also been up to my gills with homework. Urg. I get about four hours a day to myself, and that time is spent on homework. At least Deanna still loves me...

I might be REAL close to getting an appartment! I'm not getting my hopes up TOO high, but keep your fingers crossed for me.

Anyway, I PROMISE I'll try to be better, but bear with me for a little while, PLEASE!?! I love my readers. I'd hate to lose you all...

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