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Saturday, October 22, 2005

What the Flock?!?

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Well, I was reading Slashdot, and check out what I found:

Flock, the New Browser on the Block

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on Wed Oct 05, '05 05:04 PM

from the too-many-choices dept.

^tamago^ writes to tell us BusinessWeek Online is reporting that a new browser is stepping into the arena. This new competitor, Flock, hopes to change the face of web browsing by turning their's into the swiss army knife of browsers. From the article: "Flock's browser is built specifically for a new, emerging generation of Web users, one that isn't satisfied passively browsing media online. Flock hopes to turn the browser into a dashboard for collaborating, blogging, sharing photos, reveling in a raft of other group activities that have recently caught fire online"

Slashdot | Flock, the New Browser on the Block

So, I thought to myself: "My! I blog, I use LOTS of RSS, and I enjoy social bookmarking." So, what does that mean? I HAD to try it out. So I mosied on over to the dev's page and took a look see.

Ok, I'm going to say it. I'm posting from Flock. I downloaded it, installed it, and WOW. I'm impressed. The "Blog This" feature doesn't work quite right for me (it freezes) but what do you want for bleeding edge dev releases? I'M thrilled. I think if they can clean up their act a bit, I'll be a life user. Or at least have ANOTHER browser installed. Right now, my only complaint is that all firefox extensions have to have a VERY MINOR recode to work with Flock, so I can't use the ones I want (like mouse gestures). Beyond that, if they fix the bugs, I'll be TOTALY SET. I can't wait to see it in a few months time.

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