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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good progress on Chipping the 360, and some site maintenance (we're changing tags!)

Team Underdog NME-360 DVD Firmware Patch Mod
>> From (translated from german):
Right now the dual-firmware mods coming out for the Xbox 360 DVD drives are 30+ wire solutions. These points are not only very hard to solder, but it also requires a lot of known-how to extract the FW from the drive, extract the key, patch, encrypt, write back, install external switch on Xbox 360 so you can switch between the 2 firmwares, etc ...We received interesting information about a new DVD mod named NME-360, that will be released soon. This chip will be a universal chip for all Xbox360 DVD drives. It will patch the firmware of the drive on-the-fly. The original firmware on the flash of the drive remains untouched.The chip will recognize independently whether an original or a backup was inserted and switches itself to the corresponding mode (patched FW (on-the-fly) for backups and the normal unpatched FW for originals). That also means you will not have to install an external switch on your Xbox 360 to put the chip off.For the Toshiba-Samsung drive you will have to solder only 4 wires, the Hitachi-LG drive will require 11 wires. The official website of the team, named 'Team Underdog', will be launched early next week.News-Source: gamefreax.deDiscuss this news item on our forums: 14 June 2006 22:14 EST) - (direct link to article)(Posted by:: XanTium) - Xbox 360

Yep, you read that right. There's a cool chip coming out for the 360 that will AUTOMAGICLY switch to the best DVD firmware for the job. Now, we still can't run unsigned code (though is working on that), but it's still a good step toward it, and running backups is no small matter in households with little children (I'm talking to you, Matt).

Now, about that site maintence, first I'll mention: I'm posting this with the integrated posting tool in Flock. Now, I've spoken about Flock before, so I won't go into the specifics here. Suffice it to say, Flock is now in Beta, and it's now looking better then ever. There are still a few bugs to be worked out (ok, a crap load), but hey, what do you want? It's free, OSS, and it's pretty well integrated. My bigest complaint so far is that I'm not too impressed with it's integrated blog posting tool, but hey, it's still being cooked. :)

And as for tags, I'm changing them. Until Blogger decides to support them natively (or until I switch over to another framework), they're just not worth the hassle. I'll leave all the old ones (not worth the effort, they are kinda cool), but I just think it's keeping me from posting more (they're a pain to set up manualy). So I've decided to just let Flock's integrated tagger do the work for me! Yay!

Oh, and any of you out there with lots of pictures of family, friends, etc., check out It's got this crazy face recognition tech that enables you to upload bajillions of pics and only have to waste time picking out faces of a few before it figures it out on it's own (mostly).

Ok, that's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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