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Monday, May 08, 2006

PS3 is ripping off Nintendo's Wii, AND the Xbox 360!

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DUDE! Sony just revealed their New Controller, and it's a total rip off of the Wii Controller. It's got "6 degrees of motion" which means it can detect pitch, yaw, and roll. Pfftt. It's a BAD implimantation of what the Wii can do. Check out the Digg Post on the matter to see more info on it.

And the part about a 360 rip? They've got a "PS3" button right where the "Live" button is on the 360 controller. I'm sorry, but that's just sad. More so when you realize that Sony bashed Nintendo for their use of Motion Senseing as "Gimicky" last year.

They might just as well have called it the PS36ii. But hey, that's just what I think. What I wanna know is what do YOU think? Then we know what Wii think, and that's what matters.

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