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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Free iPods!!! (No! Really! I've tried it!)


I'm sure everyone out there has heard of the "Free iPod" scams, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that AT LEAST SOME OF THEM are *NOT* scams, and I have proof. You see, I just made my first $25 dollars through PayPal from a "Free iPod" style site called Now, any of you out there who are somewhat 'net savvy will notice that the URL above containes a little addition beyond simply the marker for the site (The site URL is missing the ?ref=774 that my above URL has). The ?ref=774 is a referance to yours truely, and it's how knows that I sent you (so I can collect my bonus points, rewards, etc. for sending you). Now, I too was a skeptic when I first found this stuff. REAL skeptical. Like, I almost didn't do it. But after perusing a website with forums dedicated to the subject, I thought to myself "Hey, self, I bet you can find find one that gives you money and doesn't cost that much to try". And that's where came into the mix. See, they don't require other people to sign up under you (though you earn bonus points if they do), and it's all points based, not offer based. Some give you more, some less, but for every 250 points I get, I can trade that for $25 bucks of pure paypal cash goodness. For the record, 250 points is rather easy to rackup. Just one tickle test nets you over 280 points (though it does cost $10). So far, I've grossed $25, and profited $13.97 (Paypal takes out a fee for recieving cash). I'm going to keep persuing this, and see where it takes me.

If you're interested in checking this out, I would say that at least BROWSING is a requirement. You'll see a list of sites orginized by how good they are ("A" rank is the best, and it goes down hill from there). If you do, you'll find me as TrueVox (anyone supprised?). And the owner of is known as Benjette. Remember, though. This isn't me asking all of you to join up for my benifit. I can do what I need without referals. It helps, but it's far from required for what I'm doing. I'm offering this as a way for you to make some (small) side cash, or a few minor prizes. Oh, and you might just wanna make a new email that can be forwarded to your current one, just so you can turn it off when the spam hits the fan. If anyone's intrested in Gmail, you all know I can give you invites.

So, go check out It's free to look, and who knows, maybe you'll find something that speaks to you. Oh, and the economics of this are sort of explaned in the Wired Article I linked to in the title.

Thanks for reading!

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