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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wow. I'm drunk.


Yep. I'm sloshed. I'm slobbercocked. I'm wasted. I can barely type. I've had half a fifth of vodka. I'm giggleing like there's no tomorrow. Beer. Homer is my hero. Hero rhymes with beero... Ax deoderent. Deanna likes it. Amy is calling. I'm drunk. Deanna's friend Amy just called. I told her I'm slobbercocked. I wonder if I can write code like this... Chicken. Deanna, if you're reading this, I love you.

I just called Marsh and the gang, and I think we made arrangements for Sunday. To hang out and stuff. Jebus. I'm never getting drunk again. This is sad. I don't like drinking. It makes me type bad, and it makes me say stuff I normally wouldn't.

Bye. That's all I can type without starting in on the history of the orcs..ORcs. I donnoe. What the hell do Know. This is what I look like typing drunk. It's crzy. Cheese. I wanna eat beer and watch hoookersrsrs. It's funnn to typet the seame buittont twice sese.... Bye.

I'm so drunk that i CAN NO LONGER DETECTTHE DIFFERACNCE betweetn the caps lock and the normaol writing ing. I lce deanna . Dhe's my favoirite girl. I wanna do her in the butttttt.t. I love her. Foreverj Portable firefox... Firefox... Downladd it. It's like watter. I wanna fiuck.....sfljkdfljkkkkkkc;kjfda Matt is good. Danna is good. I lveo them both..s...,adfI love them both... I love them both jskldf. I vleotme beothbkj.I voxoe them bothasflkjjI voxjheted :KLVZC

I love her. That's the most undrunk thing I've said all night...

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