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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fantastic news for Nintendo DS fans!

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There have been a couple of BIG announcements over on The Mod Gods ( recently. The first is that the scene has successfully created a method to access the DS from wifi alone! Granted, it takes special wifi cards on your computer (a list of which can be found here: ) but the important thing is that if you DO have one of the cards listed, you DON'T NEED TO GET YOUR HANDS ON A PASSME TO RUN CODE!!! It's REALLY cool.

The second thing is that a guy named Dark Fader and HIS crew have found a way to access the firmware on the DS, and it's not too complex, either. From what I gather, you won't even need to solder, just short it out for the time it takes to update it once, and then from then on you're set!

So, in closeing, not only can we now run code without expensive hardware (you're still gonna need a flash chip, but that has uses anyway, and you might have wanted one even after it was hacked), and soon we'll have custom firmware running around on our DS's! YAY!!!

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