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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I hate life.


Well, today my girlfriend broke up with me. We've been seeing each other heavy for six months, and She's pregnent with our kid. I wouldn't mind the break up so much if it was for a decent reason, like she hated me or something, or I did something to hurt her. But no. The reason is because her mom makes her life a living hell when I'm mentioned. I can't fucking beleive it. I know, she's only 18, still gotta be a girl, but still. It irks me. I love this girl. I WANT to be a father to our child. I'm not trying to run away, in fact I'm doing collage at night, and working a full 40 hour week. I'm rip shit. I can not be good enough for her parents. I'm just hopeing she calls. I've been crying all day. I just don't get it. Last night she told me she'd marry me if her familey wasn't involved. Today, she breaks it off. I just hope it's not perminent. I'm so scared it is. I'm worried about her. I'm worried about our kid. I miss her so much.

And Sweets, if you're reading this, know that I love you. SO much. So very much.

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