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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Web Browsers: Which one's for you?

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Now, just a month ago I would have laughed at that question. "Clearly, it's Opera" I would have said. Perhaps you'd say different. What ever. It's a matter of taste in many cases. You like things done one way, you get browser A. Like 'em done another, get B. Honestly, I'd still go with Opera in most cases, but sadly it's becomeing more and more of a multi-browser world for me.

You see, even though browsers such as Opera ( and Firefox ( comply with http standards, there are still many sites out there that have taken it upon themselves to only work correctly with IE or Netscape. Some pages are designed to graceful degredation (see for more on that subject), but many more are set up with only IE users in mind, thus forcing a choice on you if you want any productivity on that webpage.

Now, currently, the best solution I've come up with is a browser shell for IE. I'm using Avant ( right now, and it's ok. It's no Opera, or even a Firefox, but it does ok. And the pages I NEED displayed correctly ARE displayed correctly.

Just be warned that a browser shell like Avant is JUST as open to security flaws as the engine that it was built on (ie. IE). So avoid hard core donkey porn. Or for that matter.


I'm now a serious Fire Fox nut. I just LOVE all the extensions you can have.

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