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Friday, April 01, 2005

First post! Woot!

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Ok, I've never run a blog before, but here goes. Welcome all to the Monkey Dog Cafe. It's a little slice of heaven that I plan to call home for a while at least. You know, unless it gets insanely popular. Then I'll rake in all the cash I can from this milk cow. Heh, I mean.... never mind.......

Well, I'd have to say that this is going to revolve around cool stuff I find. I wanted to make it all about me, but honestly, I want a larger readership then my mom and the creepy old lady down the street. Hello, Mrs. Bigby.

Now, for interesting stuff. Any of you DS owners? I hope so, because there's a lot of neat stuff going on out there. The've got arbitrary code running off of a pass through, and they're makeing more steps every day toward a version of Linux running on our precious silver and black box.

Just wanting to say, Gmail is the best email I've yet delt with. Free (google for gmail invites spooler to get your own), easy to use, powerful, and POP3 access to boot. Sweet.

Ok, that's all I have time for in this post. Got to get to renovating my 'blog. Later, Mrs. Bigby. Love you Mom. Heh...

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