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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dunkin Donuts sucks. At least, to work for. Mmm... Coolatta.... Arrgghhhh.......

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Honestly, the donuts are ok (but often, at least at my store, they're old), I HATE the coffee (but that's a matter of taste, I'm sure), but most of all, I hate the disposibilty the owners seem to feel towards their employees. Now, I know that as an Olimpic class Java Juggler I'm not too hard to replace (honestly, a monkey could be trained to pour coffee), but you'd think that sense Dunkin Donuts relies on REPEAT customers (Honestly, I'd say that AT LEAST half of our customers are there once per week. Many more are there daily, more often then not two or three times.) they'd recognize that a happy employee equals an effective employee. No. Of course not. That'd be too easy. Instead they take away our tips (which it CLEARLY says we can collect in the handbook), take away many of our free drinks and food (the only reason I agreed to work there), and to top it off, they've started to treat us all like theives. Bastards.

How ever, let me just say this: The managment blows (Owner, Regional Manager, etc.) but the on site crew is awesome. Best job I've ever had as far as crew goes, except Bromley ( I miss Bromley.....

But yeah, as far as Dunkin Donuts being evil and stuff, did you know that the Dunkin' Donuts puts more then 300 tons of filters into landfills a year? Remember, that's not total trash produced, not the biodegradable coffee grind that they throw into landfills, or anything else. JUST COFFEE FILTERS. They throw away more then 150,000 tons of grounds (assuming that each pot produces only one pound of water satureated grounds, which is likely on the low end). Now, I can't do much about the grounds, but if they switched to reusable coffee filters ( they'd save over 1,000 tons of landfill space after only 4 years.

Granted, there are much worse companies out there ( Sorry, couldn't resist), but this is just one that I choose to pick on.

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